Writing workshop at Glasgow Sculpture Studios

The Project Ability walking group had a visit to the Glasgow Sculpture Studios recently and took part in a writing workshop led by our good friend Joanna Peace. Here are some of the pieces of writing that were created on the day.

Jane Fisher

So I’m going to fly and have no steps and I will glide and slide through my journey. And everything will happen at the tip of my fingers, floating gently through the past and the present. And I remember many times and I move in different layers, slipping easily between each one. And I see the man and I hear the voices and I wonder at the shops opposite and I forget that I’m out of time standing with a foot here and a foot there. And the route of the bus is a path through time and place, holding me together in various points and I can spin and be held in and never gall off.

And you are here and here and here and here and here and here.

In case you are lost, know that you are here.

And I am lost, lost, lost.

or never found, found, found.


… and I’m travelling through time again, a pilgrim walking across the ages, my cockleshell badge sewn to my hat, no harm will come to me as my talisman of safety blazes.

Esme McLeod

I dream of Washington D.C.

With all its glitz and glamour just floating all around…..

I wonder…….dream, and in my dream I shake it up a bit more…….

It looks soooooo beautiful, from this distance…

What of all those go…?

What of all the broken dreams?

Smashed to smithereens,

Glam and glitz = a souvenir of a smashing trip,

Left drying, scattered and broken on the floor.


Effie’s Globe…

She had always wanted to travel  Effie did

To Washinton D.C. she thought of all

Places as she sat and stared at the snow globe perched on the mantelpiece.

 A present from her son…a wild one that boy…

Never made her a Granny yet…

‘Still time’ Effie thought to herself – ‘you’re still young yet!’ she thought to herself

As she chuckled and gave the snow globe a good shake.

Stuart Low

The caller rang out ‘two little ducks’; the audience, players mostly, ‘quack, quack’. As the scene changes, in a park somewhere in the countryside, two little ducks swore at each other with a tobacco wisp – ‘If there are any more humans up I’ll have a full house’.

The ducks swam round the pond as the bingo players strolled from the bingo hall.

Gaggling and quacking could be heard from the parishioners as the ducks swam and chortled merry happiness to each other. What had caused them to role reverse like this? What had become of them? Duckmen and Menducks? Where was this leading?

They laughed away… they quacked, they laughed; they laughed, they quacked; understanding not each other – what they were saying, but under a common bond – water off a ducks back and all that – great weather for ducks and all of that – great weather for humans the reply.


Got the bus, no rain but sun. The bus in front broke down. A woman talked to a stranger as if they were friends. ‘The bus in front broke down’, she said. Then the other bus in front broke down. It might seem boring to you, but details count. They always count. They always count. Imagine a world without detail. Everything without a face and instantly recognisable features gone. It was only a bus journey but I wouldn’t have been able to get here if I never took it. The right bus came at the right time. I assume. Long roads punctuated with cars as I stood and waited. There is no time like the present. I am sure there are worse places in the world to be and worse things in the world to do besides write.

Morag Macgilchrist


Coffee Cup Lid AKA The Flight

As the lid says the contents are hot. So when it came to it one couldn’t fly away to save the world carrying coffee. It was dropped in the gutter, discarded in favour of doing right by society… even if littering is a crime.